Pets Swimming Pool

The First all-Season air conditioned Pool with warm and cold water. Located at Kowloon City Branch which provides swimming and physiotherapy services.
Swimming makes advantages on cardiopulmonary, knee joint and hip joint.
SPA helps to prevent cardiopulmonary disease, rheumatoid arthritis, stroke, CHD(Canine Hip Dysplasis), spondylodynia.
After all, we've got a lot of successful case and is highly recommended by vet.

Swimming Pool's Design

The Pool is specially build up for pets, safety and sanitary arrangement is the most important task:
Builded by concrete and covered by mosaic plate. Stairs are builed all around the pool, pets can stay for a rest over there.
Water depth: 3 feet, Length: 18 feet, Width: 13 feet.
Abrasive floor tile also placed to prevent sliding.
We selected a high quality US filtration system (filter cotton, sand filter, ultraviolet UV) to fumigate the pool for 24 hours. After all, no chemical will be used.
We selected a USA water heater. Water temperature is set between 25-28 degree Celsius, which makes your lovely pet enjoy swimming during all seasons.


Many the people misunderstanding swimming is an inherent skill for dogs. However, Dogs may drown if they are covered by a thick hair or lack of swimming experience.
Dogs should wear a life jacket before they get enough training or preparation.
We recommend that, do not let the pets swimming over 15mins if they are not under a special training. They should take a break to prevent myotenositis.
For hydrotherapy, please follow the instruction of the vet to prevent get hurt.







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